Many teenagers dream of becoming students and finally feel the taste of adult life. Unfortunately, they often face different organizational and academic problems when they come to college. On the one hand, freshers are excited by the new experiences they get. But on the other hand, they realize that some subjects are too complicated, assignments are longer and harder, and professors are not so kind as their school teachers. Besides, students have to develop a network of social communications to find friends and survive during the academic period. We prepared advice for college freshmen who are only starting their studies. Read our tips to learn how to get rid of or avoid many challenges.

Funny Advice for College Students Who Only Start Their Path

Congratulations! Now, you’re at a college and can feel as if an adult person. You take responsibility for your decisions, choose the most attractive classes, and get involved in different activities. It seems like it’s time to open your eyes and realize that it’s not a funny thing to be a grown-up. Our college advice will help you survive during the first study year and return to this comprehensive guide every time you feel something is going wrong here.

1.      Work on time management

We all start developing our time management skills when we’re studying at school. Of course, it’s hard to keep a schedule for a child. But at least we learned that it’s better to dedicate a free hour to homework rather than watching TV and getting a bad grade. Some students can’t set the priorities, and it ends up in poor results. The idea behind our time management advice for college is simple – turn some things into a habit or system. For example, if classes finish at 3 pm, take a little break, eat, drink coffee, and start fulfilling your homework. Chances are you’d like to take a rest and relax. However, we don’t recommend missing this college life advice because you can stay on top of all tasks only if you get used to a routine.

2.      It’s not time to party hard – it’s time to work hard!

Is college life fun? We won’t hide the truth and answer: “Yes!” You would like to meet new friends, relax and attend all those parties on campus. It’s Ok for a young person, but we highly recommend you to focus on your current tasks during the week. Take a rest on Fridays and Saturdays, if there are no important projects you have to fulfill by Monday.

3.      Stop procrastinating

Do you feel like you’d better scroll your Facebook or Instagram page rather than working on a project? We’ve all been there! But it always ends up in the same situation – we overstep deadlines or don’t cope with a task at all. Make an effort and put your smartphone away every time you want to check your ex-boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s account and start executing your assignment. Keep in mind our tips for college, and think of future academic results before you decide to hold on with essential tasks for a while.

4.      Become a part of a community

The more active you are, the more chances you have to meet new people and grow your communication network. You will never go wrong with useful connections. If you have some interests, look for clubs to find students who’ll share their hobbies with you. For example, you can join the writers’ community, drama classes, political or religious organizations, etc. Follow the tips of our blog about college life, and you’ll easily make friends with other students.

Tips on How to Enjoy College

Our guide to college life contains many thoughts that may scare a student, but you don’t have to take everything too seriously. Remember that it’s still easy to enjoy your academic years. You only have to follow advice for college and learn how to combine studying and social life:

  • stay informed – read campus newspapers, visit the city’s site, attend local events;
  • make friends with your roommate – it’s always better to find common ground at the beginning;
  • manage time wisely – you may find it hard to balance between studies, work, and social activities, but it’s possible;
  • call your parents. At first, you’ll miss them, and it will be hard to get used to so many new things. They will encourage you with warm words and love;
  • read our blog topics for college students. Here, you’ll find answers to many questions and helpful recommendations.

Being a student is not that easy. Your parents won’t wake you up every morning, prepare breakfast, and remind you of important events. But with our tips for going to college, you’ll learn how to set priorities, manage time, meet new friends, and enjoy your academic years.