People always like to talk about bad habits – smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions. Almost everywhere they say that these habits are bad and you need to get rid of them. There are dozens of magazines that give people advice on how to get rid of bad habits, hundreds of clinics are ready to accept sick people in order to cure them from the “evil spirit”.

However, few people talk about what are good academic habits, and how to “instill” them into your lifestyle.

Today we will talk about the habits of successful students. What does it take to be a successful student, whether it is possible to learn useful habits of successful students, and what needs to be done for this?

10 habits of highly effective students

Attend classes

It would seem like a regular thing, but now few students have such a habit. This is because you have to get up early, go somewhere and listen to boring lectures of the teacher. What for? After all, you can come to the exam at the end of the semester and take an assessment, sometimes not lower than those who regularly attended all lectures and seminars. But this recommendation is the answer on how to be a successful student in high school.

Do homework

Do everything that you are asked at the university, even tasks which, from your point of view, will never be useful in your work. After all, the more you do practical tasks, tests, etc., the more experience you have that will come in handy in real work. Let’s say more, try to take additional tasks so that you have several more points of experience than the average student. Make it one of the habits of successful students.

Participate in extracurricular activities

Few students have a similar habit. Many attend classes unbearable, and the reason not to participate in some other extracurricular activities is generally laziness. Everything rests on laziness, it owns many of us, and few people manage to break out of its arms. But this can be done, as you probably already guessed, by participating in a university’s holiday or some other event.

Go to bed no later than midnight

Will you feel comfortable after a sleepless night? Then make yourself a rule – go to bed no later than midnight. This rule can only be violated in emergency cases, which should not be more than 1-2 per month.

Repeat the material before the lecture

This point from the list of habits of successful students is also not very common among students. However, it provides an excellent opportunity to repeat and, importantly, remember the material you have gone through before you receive a portion of new.

Read books

The next stage of study habits of successful students is to make a rule for yourself – read at least 10 pages of useful information per day. And this is not information in messages on social networks, and not advertising on the street – it should be a book or an informative magazine.

Do not sit for days on the Internet

Sitting on the Internet for hours before and after university is a typical “illness” of almost all students. Moreover, many students, in order to pass their time, are surfing their favorite social networks, which is not right considering the negative consequences this tendency might bring. 

Write an abstract

Many students are faced with the question: to write or not to write an abstract? Those who argue that writing a conspectus is not worthy face the following two arguments: you can prepare for the exam by someone else’s compendium; there are textbooks, why rewrite a hundred times the old truths?

Learn something new every day

Life is full of interesting things. Therefore, try every day to find out for yourself something new and interesting.

Secret habits of effective students

Emotional fitness

This refers to your ability to be emotionally open and contact, as well as a positive attitude towards the educational process, language, and life in general. Psychology professor, Barbara Fredrickson, proved that positive emotions accelerate and improve the learning process.